I am pleased to endorse David Climenhaga for a position on the St. Albert City Council. My sense of David is that he is a person of integrity, a team player and yet a leader. I value his concerns for the environment, transportation corridors, green places in our community and his commitment to the building of community. I hope that you will join me in supporting and voting for David Climenhaga!
— Rev. Scott Peter Agur, St. Albert United Church

I've known David Climenhaga for over seven years and have always found him to be a thoughtful, responsible man with values that I admire. He is a caring family man who believes that your community reflects what you put into it. I believe that David's background in regionalization issues and his passion for St. Albert make him a strong candidate for Councillor, and a welcome addition to City Hall.
— Christine Brown, St. Albert City Council

David Climenhaga has been a student of my karate school for many years. He is a first-degree Black Belt who continues to enjoy working hard to increase his knowledge and understanding of a traditional Okinawan art. He has proven to be a very flexible person, open to new ideas and changes when they can be proven to be effective and beneficial. With a strong sense of determination and perseverance, he is not one to give up easily. These qualities, compounded with a strong sense of discipline and fairness make David an excellent candidate and my choice for Councillor.
— Manuel A. deSa, Sensei, deSa School of Karate, St. Albert

David Climenhaga certainly has my support in his bid for St. Albert city council. He has a refreshing energy and not only is he deeply concerned about St. Albert's taxes, he has also demonstrated a passion for environmental issues. David has the potential to be a leader in the region’s co-operative efforts and there is no doubt in my mind that the city will be well served with him as part of the team.
— Neil Korotash, St. Albert City Council

I have known David Climenhaga for more than nine years and worked directly with him for six years on a daily basis in his role as communications director for the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees where I worked as President at the time. David is a strong communicator and someone who works hard and functions well as part of a team. These personal qualities and his strong commitment to his community leave me certain he would make an extremely valuable contribution to St. Albert City Council.
— Dan MacLennan, St. Albert

I have known and worked closely with David Climenhaga for the past seven years. He is a good communicator, well versed on the issues that face the St. Albert community, and has a good network of people in our community who will help him tackle these issues for us. I think he would be an asset to City Hall.
— Dennis Malayko, St. Albert

Through a business relationship I have had the opportunity to work with David Climenhaga for the past four years. As a resident of St. Albert I have also had the occasion to know David as a parent with our kids attending the same school. Over that period I have had many conversations with David regarding issues and concerns within our community. I find David to be very driven, determined, and a thoughtful individual who has a definitive plan on what is needed as St. Albert continues to grow as a city. I think David is the type of person St. Albert City Council needs to accomplish these goals.
— Randy Pearson, St. Albert


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David Climenhaga | Candidate for St. Albert City Council