Simply Put:

There is only one taxpayer. My biggest concern in this area is how the city is spending our tax dollars. I am not in favour of continuing to increase taxes that outpace inflation. There are basic services that are absolutely necessary such as policing, road and transit and other essential budget items. There are tough decisions that have to be made, however the basic services come first, everything else comes second. I believe that savings are out there, we just have to find them. The people in the best positions to find savings are often the front line workers. We need to listen to these people, really listen, not just give lip service. Let's inspire our work force for improvements and innovation, some think outside the box ideas.

For example, a city wide initiative where if a suggestion is made that can save the city tax dollars. The employee who suggested it is rewarded proportionally. Although city councilors should be excluded.



I was reading an article on cost cutting methods and ended up clicking on a link in the middle of the article about a new kind of machine that had less waste than its predecessor; well that led to another link, and then another, I'm sure you get the picture. California has a program where employees are paid for suggesting cost saving measures. An employee in California that suggested there was huge savings possible if they changed the type of light in traffic signals from incandescent to led. It turned out that the savings calculated after only one year was over four million. To me that is huge, we need to do this here.