Simply Put:

Infrastructure is a complicated issue with no good answers. Everyone has a different set of priorities, and everyone wants their neighbourhood put first. Potholes are unfortunately a fact of life in Edmonton, as we have a climate that goes from extreme heat to extreme cold in a very short amount of time. There is a system in place for reporting potholes, but the question is how can it be improved, and how can we as Edmontonians participate more in it.

In regards to repaving streets and back alleys, we need to balance the severity of a road, with the length of time that it has had problems, and the amount of use that the road actually gets. While doing as many as possible without seriously affecting traffic on a year by year basis would be ideal, there is also a fiscal responsibility to the public to consider. For more information on this, please see my platform on Fiscal Responsibility.

Bike Lanes

Simply put:

While bike lanes are a necessity in Edmonton, the city has done a very poor job of implementing them, especially in regards to safety. Taking our arterial roads and effectively turning a 2 lane road into a 1 lane road is going to breed anger, frustration and impatience with our cyclists due to increased traffic congestion. Sooner or later drivers are going to have to turn right, and this will eventually result in an accident, and inevitably loss of life. While the unfortunate cyclist may have the right of way, having the right of way doesn’t make you any less dead.


I have hit potholes (or ding ding *sound of cash register* as my mechanic calls them) that have rattled my teeth. I witnessed a smaller car hit a pot hole on Stony Plain Road which blew the tire out completely. I'm not sure if it just blew the tire or bent the rim causing it to deflate instantly, either scenario cost the owner plenty to fix. Fortunately the driver was able to pull over safely.  It is not only the visible parts, it's the pounding to the undercarriage which is even more expensive to fix. This is a serious discussion that needs to be had at council.