Simply Put:

Our voices and opinions are not being heard at city hall. With sessions during the middle of the work week, and held in the middle of the day, very few people can attend these important meetings. Many people who would like to attend and speak to council about issues important to them simply cannot. This is due to factors such as not being able to find someone to cover a shift, being the boss and thus unable to just take a work day off, or even simply needing the work just to put food on the table. For these people and more, taking a day off is simply not an option.

Varying the schedule of City Council meetings to include occasional evenings and weekends will allow Edmontonians to be able to present at City Hall, and to attend council meetings. This is an initiative that would take very little work to implement, and would be a good first step towards actively engaging with the community, and with Edmontonians in general. 

For the sessions that take place during the work week, I will do my absolute best to voice your opinions, ideas, questions, and concerns, as well as vote not just in the interests of Ward 1, but for the residents of Ward 1.