Simply Put

We have the highest homicide rate in the history of the city of Edmonton, and in order to allow our police service to focus on ensuring the safety of the public, we need to shift some of the burden onto our peace officers. Safety of the public has to be the primary concern. Taxation, infill, and everything else can be talked about until we’re blue in the face, but if the public isn’t safe in Edmonton, they’re going to be moving away. Causing us to lose valued members of our community.

I am absolutely in agreement with the proposal, which was passed by council, to make funding for our police service a formula based model. By tying increases to inflation and population, this will allow our police service to have the resources that they need to keep our city safe.



Photo radar should be a last resort, not a first response. Let me explain. I really like the flashing "Your Speed" signs that are installed in various parts of the city. It flashes a red "Too Fast" message. They  I like these because we all have our minds drift from time to time and although paying attention to our surroundings, we are exceeding the speed limit. These signs serve as a great reminder, to check your speed. I think they would be best located at the beginning of school zones to help keep our children safe. If the driver insists, then photo radar may help be a deterrent. There are other locations where the above premise would also serve us well.


I have an issue with what one resident called "predatory" photo radar. This is photo radar set up at a speed change such as from a 60 KPH zone to a 50 zone. Setting up photo radar at the bottom of a reasonably steep hill like 98 Avenue when it goes down into Cloverdale is an example of predatory. Other places such as the overpasses on the Anthony Henday, in my opinion, serves to be a cash cow for most instances. That said if a driver is doing 130 or more on the Henday, well that person probably doesn't care whether they get a ticket. More laser radar with demerits attached will help solve that problem.